Welcome to rF2-RacingLeague!

We organize race events on the simulator rFactor 2 since a few years back. At the moment we have a GT3 Winter Challenge active.

If you really looking for a challenge, this is the right place. We welcome both beginners and experienced drivers in the league.
In 2018 we hosted the Japanese GT Cup, won by period winner Mickael Folcher and Kyushu. During the middle of 2018, we had an exciting Summer GT Cup (Won by Christo Nieuwoudt and the SNM Team Seawolf).
Racing in our league is free. We have a full time practice server, website, forum, Youtube channel, Facebook and so on…

Some words about the history of our RacingLeague

The league was established in 2014 by Christian M├╝hlenbeck on the simulator rFactor 2. Starting with a Mini Formula series with 4 races, the league was born.

2015 to 2016

In 2015, rF2-Racingleague did a whole Formula Championship with modern cars, starting in Melbourne. Two races before the end of the season, Seawolf NetRace Motorsport won the Championship and Bjorn was best in Drivers.

Then we organized a year end closing Cup with Fiat 500s, at Brands Hatch and Hockenheim (Short tracks). This was a success and we very much wanted to repeat it in 2016. Unfortunately things turned out differently.

At the beginning of 2016, we were only a German speaking league. So we decided to go international to gain some more drivers, and to cooperate with Xtreme RPM.
We decided to race with old formula cars from 1992 in a small summer cup. This was a success for the league, because we were more drivers and we had more fun.


In November 2016, Christian passed away at only 29 years of age. After being active in SimRacing for over a decade, we miss Christian a lot and visited his grave in 2018 with a special F1 model car, in his honor.

Christian did the server, livestream, website and all of the organization. We could not compensate his loss. So we also had to search for an alternative to race.

With DLM Racing, we organize a memorial race for Christian every year, with the Formula 1992 cars on the old Hockenheimring (1988).


After a long break, we revived the league in 2018. With new manpower behind us, we want to host some series!