Our rules


Time schedule (All times CET/CEST)

On Race Sunday:
Practice: always
Briefing: 18:45 (15 minutes, Teamspeak mandatory)
Qualifying: 19:00 (15 minutes)
Warm-Up: 19:20 (5 minutes)
Race 1: 19:30
Race 2: 20:05


A: General rules of rF2-Racingleague.com

1. Sign-up
1.1.    To take part in this series you have to register at forum.rf2-racingleague.com. It is mandatory that you use your real name without any additions.
1.2.    You have to use the sign-up template in our forum. Who comes first serves first.
1.3.    If we reach more than 30 drivers we will open a waiting list. If a cockpit is available the first person on the waiting list will get the spot.
1.4.    If a driver switches his season entry number or team while enlisted in a running season, all scored points of that driver will be withdrawn.

2.    Communication (Teamspeak)
2.1 We use Teamspeak on the race evening. You have to join this during the evening of the races.  Real name is mandatory.
2.2    Every Team will get his own Sub channel.
2.3 Make sure you always behave reasonably. Otherwise, you may be banned for the season.

3.  Responsibility
3.1 The admin team consists of Björn Wahlmeier, Matthias MacKenzie, Bjorn Wahlmeier and Georg Walz
3.2 The Race Control for post race checks consists of Jan Titz and Georg Walz

4. Cheating
4.1 Every manipulation of the game files that are getting you an advantage over other participants will result in a lifetime ban. If necessary we will implement an anti-cheat software.

B: Procedure of the Race Weekend:

1.    Free Practice: Our servers are 24/7 online giving you enough time to prepare.

2.    Qualification:
2.1:  Qualification will take part at Sunday 19:00 CET/CEST. You have 15 minutes time to set your time. There is no limitation of laps.
2.2: Pressing ESC during qualifying is allowed. If your car suffers serious damage we recommend to use ESC.
2.3: The Qualifying session is a closed session. Joining is only possible after the session has ended.
2.4. Tracklimits are the white lines. But Curb is part of the track. If anyone cuts in his fastest lap, he will recieve a penalty.

3.    Warm-up
3.1    The warm-up session is 5 minutes long.
3.2    You are allowed to practice the starting procedure at the start-finish line or the pit exit.

4.    Race
4.1     There will be 2 races per evening (both 30 minutes)
4.2    Starting procedure: Standing (Without recon or formation lap)
4.3    There is one Warm-up between both races.
4.4    In the second race the starting positions bases on the result of the qualification.

5.    Race results
5.1    The evaluation of the Qualification and the Race will be published in the week after the race. You are allowed to send protest from 6:00 CET/CEST on Monday until 18:00 CET/CEST on Wednesday. You also can cancel your protest during this time. Only involved drivers are allowed to make protests.
5.2    The best lap of the top 10 (Qualifying) will be reviewed. The Race track is limited by the white lines. Curbs count as part of the track. You have to have at least 2 wheels on the track. If a driver cuts, he will get a penalty for the next race.
5.3    The first lap of the Race will be reviewed by the Race Stewards.
5.4    If a driver of the Race control is part of a protest he will not review it and has no influence the decision about a potential penalty.
5.5    Penalty given by Race Control are final.

C: Flag rules:

1.    Checkered flag: Race is over. You have to get back to the pits without any external help. Destroying the car after the race is not allowed.
2.    Yellow flag: Reduce your speed. NO overtaking.
3.    Green flag: you can pick up the speed again.
4.    Red Flag: Race is stopped.
5.    Blue Flag: You have to let the car pass you within the next 3 to 5 corners.
6.    Black Flag. You are disqualified from this race.

D: Penalties
The exact penalty will be assigned by the Race control.
1.    Chatting during Qualification or Race: warnings up to the live time ban depends on the exact words used during the chat.
2.    Disturbing people in their Teamspeak channel: warning up to a lifetime ban.

E: Serving a penalty

1. You have to serve your penalty within the first 3 laps of the race.
2. If you are not allowed to take part in the qualifying session you are not allowed to leave the pits.
3.Penalties will be implemented into the game.

F: Sign on/off and changing teams
1. If a driver is absent more than 2 races he may lose his cockpit, depending of the amount of drivers on the waiting list.
2.Changing teams is only allowed under special circumstances

G: Server settings

1. Driving Aids:
1.1. Traction Control low allowed
1.2. Anti Lock Brakes low allowed
1.3. AUto Clutch allowed

2. Camera view is free selectable

3. Weather: Realtime live weather from one choosen location. (TBA)

4. Pit Stop:
4.1. In Pitlane we have a speed limitation.
4.2. Tyre change allowed
4.3. Refueling is allowed

5. No Parc-Ferme between Qualifying and race.

6. Other Settings:
6.1. Damage Multiplyer: 80%
6.2. Tyre wear: normal
6.3. Fuel consumption: normal
6.4. Technical Failures: normal

H Championship Points:

Points in the races: (Minimum 75% Distance)
Place 1    25       
Place 2    18       
Place 3    15       
Place 4    12       
Place 5    10       
Place 6    8       
Place 7    6       
Place 8    4       
Place 9    2       
Place 10    1    

Pole-Position: 1
Fastest Lap: 1

I: Timetable Race Weekend:

Always free practice

On Race Sunday;
Practice: always
Briefing: 18:45 (15 minutes, Teamspeak mandatory)
Qualifying: 19:00 (15 minutes)
Warm-Up: 19:20 (5 minutes)
Race 1: 19:30
Race 2: 20:05
If all drivers are in the pit the session will be changed.
All time: CET/CEST

J: Custom Skins:
If you want to send in your custom skin you have to send the .dds files packed up as a .rar file to skin@rf2-racingleague.com. Make sure we are able to see easily which skin is for which driver. Deadline is one week ahead of the race (Sunday 19:00).

K: Taking part without a custom skin:
In case you don’t have a custom skin you can choose one of the skins integrated into the mod.

L: Minimum requirements:
1. You have to practice at least 20 laps before the briefing starts. You can check your amount of laps in our hot lap viewer.
2. Your fastest lap needs to be within 107% of the overall fastest lap.

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